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ST Fitness – Coming Soon at Lokhandwala

LOKHANDWALA GET READY!! *ST FITNESS  is coming soon with it’s 2nd branch!!*  The brand which has his own fitness academy where a person’s career is moulded into a successful fitness professional.  ST Fitness is one of the  most professionally running gym of Mumbai! All the fitness enthusiasts out there get ready to workout under the […]

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7 Day Free Trial Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions     You must bring the original voucher to be eligible for PROMOTION REDEMPTION One voucher per Person. Lost voucher will not be replaced and original voucher must be handed on the reception. Only the original voucher will be acknowledged and no other confirmation or communication can be used to redeem the […]

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Best Low carb vegetables

25+ Best Low carb vegetables in the world | Does it works?

25+ Best Low carb vegetables in the world| Does it works? So many people ask us about how to lose weight & how much carbs a day is enough for fat loss or for muscle gain. So we have already provided information about these things in our previous blogs. If you haven’t read it please […]

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How many carbs a day to lose weight or build muscle?

How much carbs a day to lose weight or build muscle?

How many carbs a day to lose weight or build muscle? How many carbs a day you need if you want to lose weight or if you want to build some muscles? Some simple things every child also knows, Fewer amounts of carbs will help you to lose weight faster. You need 70-30% of more […]

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How to lose weight fast

How to lose weight faster | Weight loss techniques & tips

                                How to lose weight? If you will search on Google that “how to lose fat as soon as possible” or “how to drop weight” you will mostly see a range of suggestions on the Internet. Some may be true […]

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#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine (1)

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine summer is on its END & Rains are on their way. Now what do you think? Personally, for me it’s a very exciting time to kick-start my things. Due to summer heat if you have taken a break from workout then it’s a great time to come back strongly. Check […]

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ST Fitness Terms & Conditions

ST Fitness Terms & Conditions | Group Activities

ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions Here at ST Fitness, we are dedicated to our members as well as non-members need. That’s why we are constantly running some great group activities offers & deals for all the people who are looking to join a gym especially ST Fitness Squad. Along with that, we have […]

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stfitness transformation

Unbelievable Physique Transformation Of A College Student In Just 6 Months!!

If you will, you will   This is Mr. Parnav Karle, 21-year-old college student transformed his body unbelievably. He has trained at ST Fitness since July 2015. His awesome physique is made up of absolute hard work, focus, and correct nutrition. The entire credit for his transformation goes to him. We, at ST Fitness, are […]

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ST Fitness

Summer Workouts Advantages | Great Deals in ST Fitness

Summer Workouts Bring your body into shape this summer!!!!!! As we all know that summertime is the best season for any individual who wants to get rid of his/her extra body fat. Winter or rainy season definitely helps us to gain much faster as compared to the summer. So, during winter gaining most people gain […]

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ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale | Get Amazing Discounts

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Great Deals coming to you by St fitness family!!! We as St fitness family facility are very excited to bring new deals & discounts for all the people living in the Andheri area. These offers are a great opportunity for everyone located in the Andheri west who are fitness freak & […]

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