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ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Great Deals coming to you by St fitness family!!!

We as St fitness family facility are very excited to bring new deals & discounts for all the people living in the Andheri area. These offers are a great opportunity for everyone located in the Andheri west who are fitness freak & enthusiasts.

All fitness lovers are invited to Join our family. ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale is designed to get best deals & discounts on gym, weight lifting, Zumba, powerlifting, functional training, fitness kickboxing, diet & nutrition, consultation, fitness testing, & all the fitness aspects in our facility.

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Zumba offer


ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Zumba offer

Regular Rate – 5000 per month  X

Offer rate – 2000/- rupees only

Flat 60% off


ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Kickboxing Offer

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Kickboxing Offer


Kick off of your stress

Join fitness kickboxing class

Regular rate – 5000/-  X

Offer rate – 2000/- only per month


STFitness Pre-monsoon Functional Training offer


STFitness Pre-monsoon Functional Training offer

Regular Rate – 5000 per month  X

Offer rate – 2000/- rupees only

Flat 60% off

ST Fitness Pre-monsoon gym membership offer


STFitness Pre-monsoon Functional Training offer

St Fitness Big Discount 1

12 months gym membership + 1-month Personal Training + 1 nutrition session

Regular rate – 30000  X

Discounted rate – 15000/- only per annum

Flat 50% off

St Fitness Big Discount sale 2

12 months + Any 1 Group Activity + 1 Nutrition session

Regular rate – 27500/-  X

Offer rate – 13750/- per annum only

So we hope that you all will like these offers. These are the best ever get offers until now throughout the st fitness journey. We would like to see you all, joining our st fitness family.


Why You Should Join ST Fitness? Need A Gym?


STFitness Pre-monsoon Functional Training offer


First of all, we all know that introducing a gym into your lifestyle will provide you the number of benefits. This primarily includes your cardiovascular (heart) fitness, Muscular strength, Lungs purification, &, etc.

According to the Australian Government research analysis, an individual should introduce strength-based training like weight training, functional training, kickboxing, &, etc. at least twice a week. This will help an individual to live a happy as well as a healthy lifestyle.

If a person is regularly going to the gym increasing his/her cardiovascular endurance & muscular strength then it will help them to reduce the risk of several health concerns & disease. For example, they are less fragile to heart disease, high blood pressure. High cholesterol, diabetes, depression, stress, &, etc.


Why We are Announcing the Pre-Monsoon Sale Offer


STFitness Pre-monsoon Functional Training offer


The good news is that understanding the health risk in today’s hectic life ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale is announced by us. This is an initiative by us to take care of all of our ex-members as well as new members.

As a responsible facility, we always take care of all of our members. As a start, we always listen & understand our client’s goals & level by our consultation process. After that, we take all the important factors in the note of a client by our fitness testing procedure.

Joining ST Fitness will provide you access to a large amount of equipment’s related to weight training, functional training, Zumba, kickboxing, powerlifting, &, etc.

In addition to that, doing St fitness group activities will also help an individual to make friends. This helps them to develop a social relationship building habit into their personality.

Some other factor that you should know before joining the gym which you will get only with St fitness is access to knowledge, healthy routine, boosted energy level, daily challenges, motivation, &, etc.


Amazing Benefits of Zumba


gyms andheri west


It’s a human tendency that if we like something or enjoy something, we tend to do that more & much more regularly. In addition to that, it’s fun right!! Everyone enjoys doing Zumba. Moreover, it is a fun related exercise routine which will help you to keep you fit even without realizing yourself.

  • Great for fat loss
  • Boosts your heart’s health
  • Helps you de-stress
  • Improves coordination
  • Makes you feel happy


Amazing Benefits of Kickboxing


ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale

Kickboxing is a combination of martial arts technique & cardio (heart pumping). 

  • Being a high energy workout, it gives promising results in burning calories with fat.
  • Drilling, jumping, jump rope, circuit training, strengthening exercise it gives a proper tone to your body.
  • Along with that, you will also learn the important self-defense technique which can be useful to you in your life.
  • Today’s life is so busy & hectic that there is no place of rest, living a peaceful life which leads to starting filling stress & aggression in an individual.
  • It is very important that you should bring out your stress & aggression somewhere otherwise it will create a mess in your life.


Amazing Benefits of Functional Training


ST Fitness Pre-monsoon Sale Functional Training offer1

Functional training is mainly done for fitness & rehabilitation. This training technique is mostly used by the Physical & Occupational chiropractors to retrain individuals from movement disorders.

  • Improves the overall function of the body.
  • More stabilizer muscle gets trained easily.
  • Increased Muscle memory.
  • Low Impact on the Body while keeping you fit.
  • Improved flexibility, Balance, Posture, & Coordination.


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