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Summer Workouts

Bring your body into shape this summer!!!!!!

As we all know that summertime is the best season for any individual who wants to get rid of his/her extra body fat. Winter or rainy season definitely helps us to gain much faster as compared to the summer. So, during winter gaining most people gain fat rather than muscle mass due to Lack of knowledge in exercise science & nutrition.

That’s why here in ST Fitness our consultation team always consults to each & every member regarding their specific goals. Depending upon our client’s goal we provide specific training & nutrition program to them. We always had our responsibilities regarding all the clients irrespective of general training or personal training. Our facility takes care of each & every member of our gym.

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So now coming back to the topic there are several advantages of working out in the summer. Along with that, we will also like to add one point that in summer SUN plays a big role in your day to day routines. As said by many fitness experts of ours & probably you all will also agree that it’s a smart move to include indoor activities exercises in your daily routine such as weight training, Zumba, kickboxing, & functional training, etc.

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Including indoor exercise, activities will avoid the chances of individuals dehydration, heat stroke, fainting, &, etc.

We will tell you each & every detail about the benefits of summer workouts along with the nutrition ideas. All together we will try to put every source detail in this article. But for a short idea regarding nutrition – try to keep yourself on a light diet. Don’t eat fried food/ heavy meals. Keeping green vegetables, broccoli, cabbage, salat, &, etc.

Summer Workouts


Should You Join Gym in the Summer?

According to all our fitness experts’ summer is the most difficult time to go to the gym. Although it is the best time for the people who want to keep a healthy body they don’t want to go to outdoor activities. For those people’s gym is the best place to do so.

Having a good workout scheduling & trainer will help you to gain more self-confidence, better mind status over time. Ripping yourself in the summer is a bit easy task as compared to winter. A gym membership will definitely help you out to shape you up in a short time interval.

Combination of motivation (from self or trainers) & a good plan is all you need in the summer.

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What are the Advantages of Summer & Pre-monsoon Workouts?


Summer Workouts

  • If you are tired by the heat of the sun in the summer, coming to the gym will give a cool atmosphere to work on yourself. You can focus on your routines even better.
  • Adding one more point to that heat of the summer keeps you active so you will be on your trackless efficiently as compared to other seasons like winter.
  • Your metabolism will also rise as the body needs more water or juices during summer.
  • Your Excretion system performs better on its peak as you drink more water during summer. So more water helps to flush out toxic elements from your body.
  • It has been observed that most gyms remain less crowdy during summer so you can grab the advantages of summer or pre-monsoon sales offers in the gym.
  • Your outer & inner personality gets nourished during summer heat wash.
  • Half an hour of gym keeps you motivated the whole day.


What are the Summer Workouts Mistake that An Individual should Avoid?


Some people wait for getting thirsty. They don’t drink water until & unless they feel thirsty. This is to keep yourself hydrated. So, drink as much water as you want.

Drinking coffee is also not a good idea. As it will lead to more water flush out from the body. Keep a bottle of water whenever you head out or during a long workout session.

Whenever you go out to use a sweat-proof sunscreen of SPF of 30 or higher. Malignant melanoma is a dangerous skin cancer issue which is caused by bad sunburn.

Try to finish workouts in the early mornings or evenings & avoid the afternoon workouts schedule if your gym doesn’t have the proper cooling systems.

Wear loose-fitting & light-colored clothing. It will help you to avoid heat as well as catching & burning the sun.

High body temperature causes more sweat. This can lead to major electrolyte loss in the body. In this case, you need something more than just water. You need to fill yourself with the drinks who can actually replace sodium from your body. But it does not mean that you need to drink artificial sports drinks filled with artificial additive sugars. You should definitely avoid that.

Use the summer moments to realize your fitness goals.

ST Fitness

Tips for Working out in Summer Heat


  • Take a cold shower before the workout so that it will cool down some amount of your body temperature.
  • Choose your workouts according to the temperature of the day. If it’s too hot or if the humidity is high then select cooler cardio activities.
  • Workout in a cooler place. If your gym has good cooling conditions than you are good to go.
  • Split up or try shortening your workout programs.
  • Do less intensity workout according to your body temperature. Don’t overheat your body & its ok to take breaks in between exercises.

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When You Should Workouts in the Summer?


Summer Workouts

Well, that’s still a debatable question. But honestly, a workout is a workout. It will give you benefits irrespective of morning or evening. You just need a workout. The bad workout is the workout that you haven’t done.

Morning workout & exercises are good because they increase the blood flow in our system & brain. Which leads to better focus & alertness.

It also helps to make you more disciplined which leads to a positive habit. If you are lacking behind in terms of motivation then you definitely need a Personal Trainer. Here at ST Fitness, we focus on both General training as well as personal training. In ST Fitness Personal Training you will receive constant motivation, continues push & results like never before.

You will find a healthier tendency in your food choices. Healthier food choices will lead to a healthy lifestyle. If you make a habit of regular exercises you will automatically move to balanced nutrition.

Make Your Fitness Journey A Fun: Especially for Beginners

It is not necessary that if you want to lose fat or gain some muscle mass you should only do the workout training or the cardio training. Even if you are very serious to your goal & want to achieve your goal on time still you can avoid daily weight training or daily cardio. Instead of that, you can perform daily activities like Zumba, Kickboxing, or functional training.

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Final Words


We are running some exciting deals & offers on Summer Workouts. So our Mumbaikar’s can continue to workout with the feeling heat of summer.

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