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ST Fitness Terms & Conditions

ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions

Here at ST Fitness, we are dedicated to our members as well as non-members need. That’s why we are constantly running some great group activities offers & deals for all the people who are looking to join a gym especially ST Fitness Squad.

Along with that, we have to also look for transparency with the offers. We don’t want any of our members to be confused. That’s why here we are mentioning all the details about ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions.

What Are the Terms & Conditions?


ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions are very simple & easy to follow. You just have to remember some rules & regulations. In addition to that personal hygiene is also a big factor which ST Fitness thinks every individual should have.

Discipline is the key to success & we all know that. So, if you are coming into a gym you should follow the rules & regulations. Trust us it will help you in your personal life development as well as in your fitness goals also.

ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions


  1. Fees once paid is non-refundable in any circumstances.
  2. Management is not responsible for any theft or damage to the personal belongings of any member of the gym premises.
  3. Members are requested to keep his/her valuable at the front desk. They provide a reasonable degree of security, but cannot protect against determined theft.
  4. Members are requested to keep your bag in bag rack.
  5. Rules & regulations, Timings, Membership, and other charges are subject to change prior notice.
  6. The Management reserves the right to admission and its decision would be final.
  7. Members are requested to exercise at their own risk.
  8. No loud & strange noise during the workout.
  9. Member should not bring their own exercise equipment into premises.
  10. Good personal hygiene is a must.
  11. No smoking or chewing gum anywhere in the gym premises.
  12. Member has to carry, their own hand towels to maintain personal hygiene. Member without a hand towel would not be allowed strictly for workouts.
  13. Management may change the group instructor at any point in time. Management will not refund if the group instructor gets change.
  14. Member cannot change one group activity to another group activity.
  15. There will be a total of 3 sessions in a week and 12 sessions in a 1-month for group activity.
  16. Member enrolled for group activity cannot use the equipment which is on the gym floor.
  17. Steam and shower are not included in the group activity packages.
  18. It is mandatory to submit your Photo ID + Address proof of the management. If you do not submit your photo ID + Address proof your membership will not be activated and you will not allow attaining group activity sessions.
  19. All dishonored or bounced cheque will be charged Rs.500/- per transaction, next following transaction to be made in cash.

Download ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions

So, these are the simple ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions. Everyone should follow this ST Fitness Group Activities Terms & Conditions on the gym premises. If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.