#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine (1)

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

summer is on its END & Rains are on their way. Now what do you think?

Personally, for me it’s a very exciting time to kick-start my things. Due to summer heat if you have taken a break from workout then it’s a great time to come back strongly.

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If you are feeling lazy due to a long break & don’t want to start over again then this post of #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine is for you only.

Here as ST Fitness team we always look to solve your problems. As I mentioned above that you have to come back strongly that doesn’t mean that you should start lifting heavy weight on your first day just to break your lazy cycle.

That’s the main reason of writing this article of #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine . So make sure to read the full article if you want to enjoy your workout as well as coming back to healthy life.

What is the problem?


For most of the people healthy lifestyle is a big challenge. What we can do to solve this problem is setting the small-small goals & completing it in the decided duration only.

Now the biggest problem from which lots of people are suffering is that they set big goals for themselves at the beginning of the stage only. Now what happens is, they fail to accomplish their goals due to lack of experience in the fitness life.

So our advice to all of our readers, members, followers that not to commit big goals to yourself at the beginning of your goals. Moreover, our #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine will also help you to kickstart your fitness routine without realising. This will help you to bring you back in your fit & healthy lifestyle.

Stop being Negative?


Everyone loves to enjoy vacations during summer. In addition to that eating lots of dessert is also loved by many peoples. It’s not totally a bad thing because everyone should enjoy their life but in a healthy way. Enjoying life, eating desserts doesn’t make you bad. So stop being negative & start thinking positively.

We also see many cases of client getting injured & taking a break for recovery. Now break is also a second name of cheat meals. Eating lots of calories in front of Netflix.

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

Now there are several cases as mentioned above because of which an individual has to take a break from his active fitness life. Everyone has Ups & downs. This #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine will help you throughout your fitness journey.

These circumstances won’t make you a bad person. It’s just a part of fitness journey. Now all of thing doesn’t depend on your but coming back to a fit life is a challenge which depends on you.

Some people have a hectic work schedule & because of that they are struggling to find the time for workout. They think negatively & keep on thinking that they are “bad” just because they are not working out. In that case not working out is not a good thing but thinking negatively & making themselves bad is also not a good thing.

All we want to say that you are not a bad person don’t be negative just because you are not getting time to workout. Instead of that find time to exercise. I am sure that this #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine will surely help you to kickstart your exercise routine & coming back to gym-fitness-life.

Setting Up Small Goals


Don’t think that you are the only one who is not getting time to workout. One or the other time everyone has to take a break from the workout due to several reasons. So you will have to start by breaking your break.

For that you need a kickstart like, #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine . You need to have a fresh start not thinking about previous problems.

You will have to start from a small goal. Don’t make mistake by setting up a big goal at the starting itself. Start by nutrition first. Drink enough water. Do yoga. Find gym near you. The main point here is start doing something instead of nothing. Doing this you will find a way to your fitness journey again.

This is the first tip of #mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine.

Let’s have a Walk


#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

Indian Kick-start Workout Routine depends on your previous fitness levels. Have a 20 minutes of walk with your friends of family. This way it will help to keep yourself fit as well as your friends & family.

According to some researches 20 minutes of jogging, running or just a simple walk can help you provide extra motivation. So simply just have a #walk.

Can you do one minute plank?


Yes that’s correct. Doing a one minute plank is also good for your health but for initial stages only. You need to have a full body workout in a good environment like ST Fitness gym.

HIIT Workout


HIIT – High Intensity interval training. HIIT workouts are the great example of charging your entire body. An Instructor/trainer can provide you a big help in your HIIT programs. So this the another benefit of joining a gym for Indian Kick-start Workout Routine.

Start Eating Healthy


#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

First comes first is your nutrition. If your nutrition is right and on point then you will automatically feel charge, boosted, motivated, & etc.

We know that after a long break, eating whatever you want & suddenly after that back to on point nutrition is tough. But as I mentioned above start by small-small steps. It is not possible that on the start itself you will start eating completely healthy.

So you can bring small changes & meal replacements into your diet. Try to put healthier nutritiants in your meal. You will start eating more healthy day by day by this Kick-start Workout Routine.

Find A Gym Even If You Can’t Find A workout Buddy!!


#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine

We see a major problem in the crowd that they want to start their workouts with their friends only. So they keep on wait for their workout buddy. Most of the time this waits converts into no workout or a day off from a Gym. So even if you wanted to workout because of your friends unwillingness you will suffer.

So don’t depend upon others. Work for yourself. If you are eating healthy & staying healthy then go find a gym & start working out. Once you will start with the healthier meals & workout you will be back in your game.

#mondaymotivation Indian Kick-start Workout Routine with your Personal Trainer


As I mentioned above instead of a lazy workout partner find a good personal trainer. In the beginning or a startover you need a motivation source. If you are unable to find a motivation source then find a trainer who can do this for you.

Even starting slowly needs a big motivation. So for at least in the start in your fitness life or gym life acquires a personal fitness trainer in a good gym like ST Fitness. Discuss every detail with your personal trainer about your goals of fat loss or weight gain.

So I hope this post will also help you to find some amount of motivation. If you feel so then do share this post with your friends & family. Help them also to find their motivation.
If you have any doubts or suggestion do let us know in the comment section.

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