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How to lose weight?

If you will search on Google that “how to lose fat as soon as possible” or “how to drop weight” you will mostly see a range of suggestions on the Internet. Some may be true or might help you but most of them will heavily damage your goals.

You also know that all of them will not work for you. So now the question is

Where will you get correct suggestions & knowledge?

On which weight loss tips you should rely on?

How to reduce fat naturally?

How to lose weight?


The correct answers to these questions are Science. The correct, genuine, & most reliable source on which you can easily trust. The simple reason behind this is all the answers from science are proven. So you can apply how to reduce weight tips on yourself.

Like for example, if you chewing a gum before the breakfast you will consume less 36 calories as you have already satisfied your some amount of hunger & appetite. Also, early bodyweight session will also help you to reduce 20% more fat as compared to bodyweight session after lunch.

So we have included all this type of examples & weight loss tips in this article. So make sure to follow them & read them all.

How to reduce weight?


Now answer to this question is there are several ways to lose weight fast. Now as you will think that there are already tons of ways on the internet to reduce fat then why should you read ours?

It is because most of them will only make you hungry & unsatisfied. Down the road you will soon give up on your fat loss goals.

What are the benefits of our weight loss tips?

  • Your hunger & appetite will decrease gradually.
  • You will lose fat quickly, without hunger.
  • Your metabolic rate will also improve at the same time.

How to lose weight faster?


Rely on more Protein, Fat, & Vegetables

The smartest way to prepare a meal combination when you are on fat loss diet is to include high protein food, adding a fat source with low-card vegetables.

When you will start preparing your meal in this way, it will automatically bring down your carbs in the required range of 20-50 grams per day.

Protein Sources:

  • Eggs – Complete whole eggs with yolks are the best. As they complete the complete amino acid profiles. So it becomes complete protein.
  • Fish/Seafood – Salmon, Tuna, Trout, Shrimp, etc.
  • Meat – Chicken, Beef, Pork, Lamb, etc.

Eating high protein diet is also shows several results. For example, a person on a high protein diet will have fewer cravings as compared to the person with low protein diet.

This also helps to eliminate obsessive thoughts about eating by 60% like late night snacking, & etc. A study shows that high protein diet will help you consume 400 to 500 less calories.

Low – Carb Vegetable sources:

Here we are going to mention some extreme low card vegetables. We would also like to share that you can eat these vegetables as much as you want. As eating 4 to 5 plates of massive vegetables won’t let you go over 20 to 50 carbs per day.

  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Tomatoes
  • Spinach
  • Cucumber
  • Lettuce
  • Swiss chard
  • Cabbage
  • Brussels sprouts

Healthy Fat Sources

Knowing healthy fat sources are very important part of reducing weight. You can add these fats in 2 to 3 meals of your day. If you are feeling less satisfied then you can add fats in your 4th meal.

  • Olive Oil
  • Coconut Oil
  • Avocado Oil
  • Butter

There is one more thing we would like to add that maintaining a low carb meal & a low fat meal is a bit difficult. So you can maintain your carbs & fats meal by meal.

How many times you should lift weight in a week?


If you really want to lose your weight then a balance of diet & workout is compulsory. You should go to a good gym & should definitely workout at least 4 to 5 times a week.

Now it is also very important that if you are on a high-protien-low-card diet then you need a proper warm up session & then a proper customized workout plan.

So if you are well trained enough to do these things on your own then go for it. If you are not capable to do these things on your own then hire a good personal trainer.

Doing weight training will help you burn lots of calories. Burning calories will help you to prevent your metabolism from slowing down which is a big factor in “How to lose weight?”

If you are unable to lift some weights in the gym because of some reasons then try doing some cardio, kickboxing, Zumba, Functional training, & etc.

All & all try doing some resistance training, bodyweight training which will help you to maintain your metabolism.

What about Carb Refeed Day?


Having a card reefed day is also very important part of your plan. Most people do carb reefed day at Saturday or Sunday. If you want to have a cheat meal or something else you can have these on the same day which is your carb refeed day.

Good Source of Carbs:

  • Oats
  • Potatoes
  • Brown rice
  • Sweet Potatoes
  • Rice
  • Quinoa
  • Fruit

Most of the food contains carbohydrate in them. You just have to maintain your daily calories of carbs.

Check how much carbs you need for fat loss or muscle gain.

Also note that eating a cheat meal is not necessary but it can help promote some fat burning hormones e.g. leptin & thyroid hormones.

Now people say that after a cheat meal or carb refeed day they gain a lot of weight. Although you will gain some weight during refeed days but most of them will be water weight & you will lose it again in the next 2-3 days.

How to lose fat fast as soon as possible?


This is a complicated question as the rate of fat burning is different from the start to end. In the start of your first week you can expect 1 to 3 KGS of weight loss. After that you expect consistent fat loss.

Don’t be demotivated always be motivated. You have to understand that if you are going on a diet for the first time or you have a lot of fat to loss then you can do this quickly. The more fat you will have the more fast it will burn. It happens because if you have a lot of fat then body will tap fat more to burn calories as compared to muscle or low body fat.

In addition to that from so many times your body is used to burn carbs for energy. So it will take time to tap fat instead of carbs.

Some more things you should know

  • Blood sugar can do down on low-carb-diet.
  • Triglycerides (an ester formed from glycerol and three fatty acid groups. Triglycerides are the main constituents of natural fats and oils) also goes down of an individual on low-carb diet.
  • Dense LDL also known as bad cholesterol also tends to go down on the road of low carb diet.
  • HDL also known as good cholesterol goes up.
  • All together you can lose fat but it also depends on an individual how quickly it will happen on them.

How to calculate calories?


In “how to lose weight?” the most popular question is “how to calculate calories?”

My simple answer to this question is, this is not necessary. As long as you are maintain your carbs & keeping it low, you don’t have to calculate calories. Keeping it simple as I mentioned above maintain a low carb vegetables, protein & fat diet.

You can also find some great tools of calorie counter like Fitness Pal.

The main goal of the diet is to keeping carbs in 20 to 50 grams & complete the other required calories from protein & fat. Even if you are not counting your calories perfectly but keeping it under the required goal with 20 to 50 grams of low carb diet, you can easily achieve your goal.

20 Weight loss tips to lose fat as soon as possible


  • Never skip a breakfast – Skipping a breakfast won’t help you to lose weight faster. Instead of losing weight you will miss out some essential macro as well as micro nutrients.
  • Regular meals are required – For fat loss eating small-small meals on regular basis is important. So divide your calories in at least 5 to 6 meals.
  • Eat low carb fruit & vegetables – Eating a whole low carb fruit will help you in your energy as well as in fiber. Low carb vegetables will help you in fulfilling your satiety level along with the fiber.
  • Keep a high protein breakfast in your diet – studies has shown that eating a high protein breakfast will help in reduce craving & taking less calories all over the day.
  • Don’t take simple sugar such as fruit juice & artificial sugar drinks – Drinking simple fruit juice & sugar drinks are the worst thing you can do with your fat lose programme. So avoid using them.
  • Try eating more soluble fibers – It has been researched that eating more soluble fibers in your day to day life can help you reduce fat faster. Especially the belly fat area. There are several types of soluble fiber supplemets are available in the market e.g. glucomannan.
  • Always add fat loss related foods in your diet – Certain types of food can also help you in your fat loss goals.
  • Drinking coffee & tea helps – It can be said that caffeine present in your coffee & tea can help to boost metabolism by 3 to 11%
  • Eat food slowly – It has been seen that people who are eating food faster are gaining weight overtime. As compared to them people who are eating slow are gaining less fats. So it is important that you should eat your food slowly.
  • Get a good sleep & weight yourself on a regular basis – A poor sleep is also a big factor in muscle loss & fat gain. So if you want to lose your fat keep your sleep good. Along with that studies have shown that people weighting them on regular basis are tending to lose fat faster.
  • Be active – Living an active lifestyle is very important in your fat loss goals. So be active.
  • Drink as much water as you can – Hunger & thirst is two different things. Sometime thirst can make you feel hungry which will result in consuming extra calories.
  • Don’t eat junk food.
  • Don’t drink alcohol as in 1ml of alcohol you will get 7 calories which will damage your daily calorie intake.
  • Always plan out your meals.

Foods for fat loss


  1. Chillies – ingredients present in chillies helps to increase the rate of fat burning.
  2. Green tea – an ingredient name Catechins present in the green tea helps to boost metabolism which increases the calorie burn rate upto 4%
  3. Milk – Nicotinamide riboside is a compound present in Milk helps to increase the rate at which the body burns the flab.
  4. An apple a day keeps the doctor away – looks like it’s true in some cases of fat loss. If you eat a apple before 20 minutes you will consume 200 less calories overall due to high fiber content in apple.
  5. Chewing a gum – studies has shown that chewing a gum will help you eating less & increases metabolism.
  6. 2 glass of water – Correct 2 glasses of water 15 minutes before the dinner can help you reduce 10 to 15 pounds in 12 weeks.
  7. Eat Bacon – Eating bacon contains a good source of coenzyme Q1 hormone helps to spike up the metabolism. If you are jogging, walking or running after eating bacon will help you to spike your metabolism more. Which will increase the calorie burning rate.
  8. Spinach – It’s a great source in your fat loss journey. Always include spinach in your plate.


What should you do for fat loss with exercise?


  • Change your rest periods.
  • Stretch more often.
  • Listen to your favourite music during exercise.
  • Do some HIIT workouts.
  • Lift heavy during exercises

So I hope this post will help you to acquire all the required information. More articles on fat loss are coming soon. So stay tuned with us & subscribe to our newsletter.

If you have any doubts or suggestion so let us know in the comment section. We would love to hear from you.

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