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ST Fitness is an initiative undertaken by MR. Sachin Tiwari for creating a spectacular change in ones life. Spectacular changes implies by changing lifestyle by managing body composition, increasing strength and stamina and all other difficulties that one cater in the fitness world. Only this gymnasium will support you through all difficulties by guiding you the methodology to change lifestyle leading to spectacular changes which MR Sachin is ultimately looking for.


Amit Darne
( Personal Trainer )
Daulat Gosar
( Personal Trainer )
Saurabh Pawaskar
( Floor Manager )
Prajot Saigaonkar
( Personal Trainer )
Prachi Mangute
( Performance Nutritionist/
Clinical Nutritionist )
Parul Dodia
( Floor Manager )
Vikas Shinde
( Personal Trainer )
Arif Sayyed
( Personal Trainer )

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We are NOT a gym. We do not sell gym memberships. We are not the one who believes only in cardio or only in weight training or only in yoga or work mindlessly through only on one protocol style club. Why? It's a proven fact... that type of exercise works for less than 1% of the population. More than 80% of our training clients say they've come to us after repeatedly failing to meet their goals at a traditional membership style gym.
We're not here to set you up to fail, we're here to help you succeed! Need to lose or gain 20 pounds? 50 pounds? 100 pounds? Are you trying to get into the Acting/Modelling? Maybe you just want to feel amazing and fit into that little black dress again.
If so, you'll find everything you need to reach your goals at S T Fitness!

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